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Standing Through the Rain Foundation, Inc. is a Nevada Based tax exempt organization founded in 2011 and dedicated to increasing the odds of survival for women and girls from attacks and abuse, both mental and physical, through self defense and other supportive programs to increase self-esteem.


Women and girls will be trained in self defense promoting greater ability to escape an attacker thereby increasing the odds of individual survival.  The program seeks to accomplish several primary objectives: teach awareness of surroundings to ward off possible attacks: promote self confidence in young girls and women: build leadership skills through group training activities: combat childhood obesity through physical activity; create healthy body images in young girls; promote mental healing of women and girls who have already experienced violent attacks or abuse; both verbal and physical; promote an overall healthy lifestyle.  This training would be offered to any women and girls in the community with hopes to expand nationally and world wide.  Special focus will be to assist women and girls who have been victims of violence.  Various supportive programs will be formed in the future.  Services will be offered to women and girls regardless of current socio-economic status.


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Standing Through The Rain Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to bringing awareness and education to women and girls through self defense and other supportive programs in order to increase the odds of individual survival from violence and mental abuse.

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